Sporting, Game & Fishing

The Sporting Sector of the Leys Estate Group encompasses salmon fishing, pheasant shooting, duck flighting and roe deer stalking activities and some game processing in addition.

The salmon fishing is over 2.5 miles of left bank prime salmon fishing covering eight named pools on the lower reaches of the River Dee with a luxury fishing bothy and boat. The five year average catch is 125 Salmon and 33 sea trout.

The beat is managed by TwinPeakes Fly Fishing. Brothers William and Alastair Peake added the beat to their enterprise in 2021 which complements their established fly fishing school and retail unit at Milton of Crathes.

For further information about fishing on Leys Estate, please contact TwinPeakes or visit FishPal.

There are three shoots on Leys Estate with two run in-hand with one gamekeeper offering four private days and four let days. The other shoot is let to a local shooting syndicate.

Roe Deer Stalking is also undertaken with a range of clients, but the focus is on deer control for woodland management and not sporting trophies.

Sporting enquiries should be directed to [email protected].


  • Work with farmers to ensure understanding of integrated land management
  • Ensure integrated Deer Management Policy with regards the Forestry Sector objectives
  • Develop a Game and Wildlife Management Plan
  • Achieve industry recognised accreditation
  • Work with the Scottish Government on SRDP/Agri-environmental schemes to develop the wildlife, conservation and sporting attributes of the Estate
  • Improve income generation to support private sport
  • Provide educational opportunities to assist the next generation in understanding the countryside and safeguard it for future generations
  • Comply with Catch and Release Policies and work with the Dee District Salmon Fishery Board in protecting the salmon population of the River Dee
  • Develop Sporting/Holiday packages and wildlife adventures