Leys Estate offers a combination of walked up shooting and small drives for a maximum of 8 guns.

The land includes a variety of habitats with much agricultural ground, wet and rough areas, burns, ponds and small and varied woodlands.

There is a wide variety of game on the Estate including pheasants, woodcock, snipe and wild duck in addition to an abundance of pigeons and rabbits. No hares or English partridges are currently being shot. To supplement the wild stock, the estate rears 1000 pheasants. A bag of 8-12 birds per gun/day would be expected.



Fishing on Deeside

Fishing on Deeside

Crathes Castle fishings stretch for 2½ miles of the left bank, immediately below Banchory.  The fishings are normally let for 4 rods, and are divided into 2 beats each with 4 major pools.  There is a maximum of 2 rods on each beat and the rods will change beats at 1.00pm.

All the pools are accessible by car.  Each beat has a hut with a fire and toilet.  The lower (principal) hut has electricity, a solid fuel stove, microwave and a barbecue.  This hut can be used by all guests throughout the day.  Fishing can be from the bank or by wading.  There is a boat on the lower beat close to the hut.

For more information and to book please call 01330 826506

More information can be found at Visit Banchory.

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