Leys Estate aerial view

A modern Scottish Estate with a difference.

Managing 7,500 acres of mixed use land & woodland.

We have been managing 1,200 acres of woodland and 5,250 acres of mixed agricultural land for 700 years. The demands on the land may have changed over the last seven centuries, but the basics of good environmental stewardship have not. We balance our commitment to work with the community to ensure sustainable development progresses with our commitment to maintain and enhance our natural and built heritage. Our twenty-year Forest Management Plan lays out how we plan to do this between 2015 – 2035.

Supporting over 130 local businesses.

Leys Estate and Banchory

When Banchory and the wider area grows, it benefits us all. We are proud to support commercial enterprises in the Hill of Banchory Business Park. There are currently 130 commercial leases across the business park and estate. These range from garage stances to beehives to light industrial, office, retail and food business leases. The estate also provides sustainable biomass energy to over 200 households and businesses. This all comes together to provide opportunities and resources for the local community to help build better lives for everyone.

With community at it's heart.

Celebrating 700 years of the Burnetts in Crathes

Our commitment to the area and community has not changed for 700 years.

We make the land available for a wide variety of events at the Milton events field each year and also lease land at nominal rates to a whole host of community enterprises.

The estate and Burnett family recently donated land for the long-awaited Banchory Sports Village project. The town now has a state of the art a £7.7m facility which includes a six lane swimming pool, a learner pool, a four court sports hall, two squash courts, a gymnasium and a community area. Heating for the premises is also supplied via our biomass heating system on Hill of Banchory. 

With 700 years of history & heritage, the Leys Estate Group is committed to ...

Protect, Enhance, Educate.

Vacancy – Experienced Estate Operatives
We are actively seeking experienced Estate Operatives to join our existing Estate team.
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Supporting Local Wildlife With Crathes Primary School
The donation of DIY bird feeders and seed brought the importance of supporting local wildlife during the winter period to life.
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Scottish Land & Estates Podcast – Part Two
We were delighted to welcome the Scottish Land & Estates team to Crathes to reflect on the history of Leys Estate and how we have marked our 700th anniversary.
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