At the heart of the Estate

Life in Banchory and the Leys Estate are deeply interlinked and intertwined.  Without a thriving community, Banchory and the surrounding area would suffer.  The Leys Estate group recognise this and strive to provide the facilities and opportunities that help build a thriving community.

Throughout the year we make our land available for major events in the area including the Banchory Beer Festival and many different events at the Milton events field – from flyball competitions to the circus and Caravan Club.

We also lease land at nominal rates to a whole host of community enterprises such as Deeside Rugby Club, St Ternan Football Club, Milton Art Centre and the Deeside Dance Studio.


We have helped build and support Woodend Barn

In addition, we support the community by making land available for housing – fueling the continued growth of Banchory and the provision of land for facilities such as the Banchory Sports Village.