Vision, Mission, Values

The Vision

The Leys Estate Group vision is of a progressive and integrated system of land and property ownership, use and management that delivers a wide range of benefits to its owners, tenants, neighbours and local community whilst protecting the environmental, social, cultural, historical and economic attributes of the land and property and surrounding area and educating the future.

The Mission

The vision will be delivered by efficient and integrated business systems and a focussed and driven management structure developing the strengths of the Group and focusing on the core activities. Effective consultation and communication will be a vital part of the delivery of the forward strategy, whilst always referring to a key set of core values.

The Values

To deliver the Leys Estate Group five year forward strategy it is important to set out the core values that all involved in Group activities should be working to. These values set out the responsibilities of the Leys Estate Group as employers, but also how we all as employees are responsible for making sure we meet the required standards.  As a Group we would like to adopt the following values:

Working Together on Leys Estate

Working Together

  • Demonstrate an effective model of an integrated approach to land and property management
  • Play a full and active part in any collaborations whether with local interest and community groups, government or non-government agencies
  • Ensure appropriate development enhancing the opportunities and facilities for those living in and visiting the local area
Working with our farming tenants on Leys Estate

Working with our farming & commercial tenants

  • Manage the change to environmentally sensitive drainage and watering’s
  • Be aware of and participate in consultations and adapt to the Land Reform Agenda
  • Promote new entrants and tenancy succession to encourage, attract and nurture new talent and embrace change
  • Consider more flexible arrangements such as share farming and contract farming when opportunities arise
  • Implement a Field Gathered Stone Policy, Field Waterings Policy and Redundant Fencing Policy
  • Where and when appropriate, promote organic farming
  • Preserve historic and important features where appropriate such as stone dykes

Working with our housing tenants

  • Give priority to applicants who are locally employed
  • Maintain rents at levels that are locally affordable
  • Ensure all tenants are informed of estate activities and the local services and attractions
  • Recognise landlord responsibilities and carry them out in a timely manner
  • Engage with energy regulation and develop an energy efficient housing stock where possible
Wild Bird Feeders on Leys Estate

Working for the environment

  • Exercise good environmental stewardship
  • Recognise the value of natural and built heritage, sustainable development and show commitment to working with others to enhance these
Leys Estate Ops Team

Working with our teams

  • Acknowledge the value of staff and promote employee development, support and long term benefits
  • Ensure clear lines of communication within our structure to maintain clarity in roles and objectives while encouraging feedback and employee input to the direction of the business
  • Recognise exceptional personal and group achievement and performance
  • Ensure the highest level of Health & Safety awareness and policy and procedure implementation
Banchory Show Leys Estate Stand Full Size

Working with the community

  • Maintain clearly identifiable and accessible local representation
  • Play our part in and support local development initiatives
  • Be committed to informing and, where appropriate, consulting with communities in relation to land use decisions
  • Support local jobs and business enterprise where possible
Leys Estate Group logo white

About our plans

In 2018, two of the main Burnett family businesses of Leys Estate and North Banchory Company Limited were merged under the banner of the Leys Estate Group. The Leys Estate Group now sits alongside the Bancon Group as a set of Burnett family businesses, with both under the overall management umbrella of the Leys Group and Burnett Family Board.

The Leys Estate Group and Bancon Group are linked by way of Leys Business Services (LBS) which is a company set up to jointly manage and oversee the delivery of the key areas of Health & Safety, Human Resources and ITC over Burnett family businesses.

As part of this re-structure, the Leys Estate Group launched its five year forward strategy from 2018-2023 which sets out where the Group was, where it is and where it is going over the next five years. It sets out the Group’s Vision, Mission and Values which will be implemented via a developing business plan that has clear overall strategic objectives.

The end of the five year Strategy period will coincide with the 700th anniversary of Leys Estate being within Burnett ownership since 1323, and this will provide an opportunity to launch a new Forward Strategy for the next period beyond 2023.

The creation of the Leys Estate Group has transformed the way the estate is managed and focuses on enhancing and protecting what is an immensely valuable resource for the local community.

We recognise that a modern Scottish Estate is so much more than a family business. We have a duty to protect and enhance both the land and livelihoods of those in the local area and we understand the impact that we have on the lives of the people that live and work on the estate and how everything we do affects the local communities and the area as a whole. This is a huge responsibility and one that we strive to effectively execute.

Our Commitment to Communications

We are committed to engaging and working with the local community to break through the barriers of assumed knowledge; educate stakeholders about the Estate’s positive impact on the local economy and the commitment the Leys Estate Group and Burnett family have to the Crathes and Banchory area.

We are passionate about supporting and promoting local businesses and those within the Leys Estate Group. Our Communications Strategy is based on six core messages:

Progressive – We actively encourage innovative partnerships with local people and businesses, public, private and third sector organisations.

Integration – We encourage open communication between the Estate, those who live and work on the Estate and the local community.

Environment – We are committed to reducing negative impacts our operations have on the environment and exercising good environmental stewardship where we can.

Protection – We recognise the value of natural and built heritage, sustainable development and show commitment to working with others to enhance these.

Leaving a Positive Legacy – We play a key role in the local economy, the future of the Crathes and Banchory area and protecting its heritage.

Partnerships with Schools – We are passionate about working with Crathes and Banchory Schools to expand knowledge about modern working Estates and issues that affect our countryside.

Access Statement

Anyone accessing rivers, streams and other bodies of water on the Estate should be conscious of the inherent dangers and should exercise extreme caution. River levels can change rapidly, and without warning, as precipitation in the upper catchment can result in large quantities of water coming downstream even when local conditions appear calm.  River currents can be very strong and should not be underestimated by anyone choosing to enter the water.  It is possible that the natural action of the water may undermine the riverbank and that ground may give way unexpectedly.  The action of the water and wildlife can also leave holes and depressions in the ground which may be hidden by vegetation.  Strong currents and high rivers may deposit debris on the river bank or on the riverbed in unexpected places.  Before accessing any area of water on Leys Estate, please refer to for guidance.