Banchory Violin Trail Brings Crathes Castle Painted Ceilings To Life

Banchory Violin Trail at Milton of Crathes

The Banchory Violin Trail is a vibrant new art trail bringing 12 unique violins to Banchory and surrounding area. Inspired by themes relating to local heritage, landscape, wildlife and folklore, each violin is a unique work of art.

As part of the trail, Milton Art Gallery will be home to “Euterpe, Calliope & Trepsichore” by Aberdeenshire artist Roselyne O’Neill.

The violin depicts Crathes Castle and the painted ceilings of the Muses Room. The Nine Muses are Greek goddesses representing various forms of Classical entertainment. Roselyne chose to incorporate Euterpe – Muse of Music, Calliope – Muse of Epic Poetry and Trepsichore – Muse of Dance. The front of the violin features a painting of Crathes Castle with a border of Deeside Lavender and musical notes. The sides are painted with a pattern found in the Muses Room.

If Roselyne’s violin has inspired you to find out more about the painted ceilings of Crathes Castle, you can purchase a copy of ‘People & Painting, The Story of Crathes Castle’ from Milton Art Gallery. The gallery also stocks tea towels, tote bags and cushions depicting the Muses, designed by James Burnett of Leys.

The Banchory Violin Trail will be in place until 27th September with the violins being auctioned in the autumn.