Forestry Thinning Activities At Drumshalloch Wood

Drumshalloch Wood - Planned thinning operations

From the end of May 2024, DWP Harvesting will be carrying out windblow clearance and a silvicultural thinning within commercial woods identified within the yellow boundary line.

These operations are planned routine operations approved by Scottish Forestry (previously Forestry Commission Scotland) as part of the Leys Estate Forest Management Plan 2015-2035. The work will involve the removal of some of the standing trees to thin the canopy of the woods to the ecological benefit of the tree crop. Wood from these operations will be used within out biomass unit at the Hill of Banchory Energy Centre.

During these operations, please take heed of the warning signs put in place for your safety. No access will be permitted in the woods within the yellow boundary until these signs are lifted. We will endeavour to limit damage to informal path routes where possible.

Please take time to relay messages to any children to refrain from climbing on timber stacks which will have hazard warning signs attached to them as part of industry requirements.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact:

DWP Harvesting Manager, Harry J Wilson – 07867454234

We appreciate and thank you for your cooperation and patience while we undertake these activities.