Leys Estate Group Features In Land Business

Leys Estate Features in Land Business

Leys Estate features in the autumn edition of Scottish Land & Estates Land Business magazine.

In the feature, David Smart, CEO of Leys Estate Group, discusses how a shared sense of engagement is helping the estate and more than 120 local businesses support the local economy.

The estate is in a unique position compared to many other estates across Scotland as it not only benefits from prime agricultural and forestry land but its proximity to Aberdeen means that it is also an attractive location for businesses and commuters. As a result, it has carefully diversified from its traditional agriculture, forestry and game sports interests into new areas such as renewable energy, residential property and tourism, as well as commercial lets: activities which support more than 120 local businesses.

In the article, David explained:”There are many in the community who don’t realise the extent of the role that Leys Estate plays in supporting the local economy. When we mention that we support more than 120 businesses the vast majority of people are surprised and say they had no idea.”

That’s why the estate is keen to publicise the businesses it supports, both its own, like Inchmarlo Golf Centre, and the activities of its tenant businesses.