Public Reminded About The Dangers Of Fire

Fire prevention on Leys Estate

Leys Estate is reminding people to act responsibly when enjoying the countryside following worrying incidences in the Banchory area.

A number of significant smouldering fires have been discovered in woodland to the north of Hill of Banchory and in close proximity to the Hill of Banchory Energy Centre and nearby housing developments.

Although no items had been found at the scene of the fires, it is believed they had been started deliberately or as a result of BBQs being lit.

This comes at a time when countryside organisations and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service remind people of the dangers of fires as we enjoy increasing daylight hours and the lifting of coronavirus restrictions.

A spokesperson from Leys Estate Group, said: “A number of incidences have been brought to our attention where the outcome could have easily been very different.

“Following a dry period of weather, the ground is very dry meaning fire can spread very quickly across the ground and vegetation. The fires were in close proximity to both the Energy Centre and housing developments, meaning this could easily have been a very serious fire incident.

“As an Estate, we encourage everyone to enjoy the countryside we are so lucky to have on our doorstep, particularly after such a long winter in lockdown.

“However, when enjoying the countryside, please leave it as you found it. Take any litter home, don’t start fires and please leave your BBQs at home and consider enjoying a picnic instead.”

“We would urge anyone who discovers a fire in the area to contact the fire brigade on 999 immediately.”