The Salt Sanctuary Opens At Milton of Crathes

Salt Sanctuary at Milton of Crathes

We are delighted to welcome the north-east’s only salt therapy rooms to the Milton of Crathes.

Salt Therapy is an all natural way to help relieve chronic respiratory and skin conditions.

A halo generator crushes pure grade 99% sodium chloride salt crystals into small particles for inhalation.

The salt air is able to help

  • reduce inflammation in your airways
  • alleviate bronchial problems
  • clear out your nasal passageways

At the Salt Sanctuary your first session is free with packages to suit all needs. You can book your session by visitingĀ 

We wish Lorna and Stuart the very best with their new venture. Look out for further news about The Salt Sanctuary’s open weekend on 6th and 7th July.

In the meantime, pop down to meet Lorna and Stuart Tuesday – Sunday at Milton of Crathes.