Vandalism At Loch of Leys Path

Vandalism at Loch of Leys Path on Leys Estate

We were very disappointed to find damage to signage and bird feeders on the new Loch of Leys path at the beginning of July. Unfortunately, we suspect this to be acts of vandalism and have reported this to the Police.

The Loch of Leys path was created by Leys Charitable Trust to provide multi-user access to the local community and visitors to the area. It is disheartening for everyone involved to see the area vandalised and is very disappointing for all involved.

We are also aware of a growing number of dog walkers who are neglecting to remove bags of dog poo and are leaving them beside benches on the route. Please do remember to take your bags away with you and dispose of them at home.

We ask that everyone visiting the Loch of the Leys or areas such as this, treat them with the respect they deserve so they can be enjoyed as intended by all in the community.