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Banchory Business Park

Leasing Commercial Property on the Estate

For nearly 700 years Leys Estate has been an integral part of the local community and economy.  It is in all of the local communities interests to see Banchory and the wider area prosper and so we are proud to assist businesses by providing quality leased commercial property and offering stepped rental deals and flexible facilities where possible to new start businesses.

There are currently nearly 120 commercial leases in operation across the Hill of Banchory and wider  estate. These range from modern small and large office facilities, light industrial space, retail, craft food, sport, tourism, arts and music right down to individual garage stances and beehives. We take great interest in the success of the businesses on our estate and will help in any way we can to facilitate this success. Please see our Estate Business Directory for all the businesses supported or facilitated by Leys Estate.

The Hill of Banchory Business Park was built on former commercial woodland owned by Leys Estate and we offer commercial units for sale or lease.  Whatever your requirement we have land and facilities available for lease. Further information can be found here.

Banchory Business Centre on Leys Estate

Hill Of Banchory Business Park

The Banchory Business Centre and Burnett House are located in the Hill of Banchory Business Park, offering flexible serviced office space, with reception, conference and meeting facilities. Offices range from ‘one-man’ offices suitable for start-up businesses to office suites and can be configured to your requirements. For more information click here.

Other commercial development opportunities are available on the Hill of Banchory Business Park, neighbourhood centre, and Hill of Banchory East sites. All enquiries should be directed primarily through the lettings agent Shepherd Commercial’s Aberdeen office.

Sustainability principles are at the heart of the Hill of Banchory Business Park development with an energy centre providing decentralised heat via district heating. This is part a wider on-going area master planning initiative of the area, as adopted by Aberdeenshire Council’s Local Development Plan in June 2012.


  • Assist start-up businesses by offering stepped rental deals, flexible facilities and to enable growth where possible
  • Align with development strategy documents for Banchory
  • Take into account community requirements and interest
  • Review Current List of Development Potential – identifying pre & post 2024
  • Review and develop the Woodend Community Sports Hub Concept
  • Review and develop Milton Complex enhancement development strategy
  • Consider the Main Issues Report due to be issued in January 2019
  • Continually review the local strategic and development plan and Group land holdings and to make Local Development Plan applications where appropriate
  • Continue to develop the Banchory Masterplan
  • Ensure community consultation to avoid piecemeal ad hoc development
  • Leave a legacy of attractive and appropriate development, enhancing the Banchory community and maintaining it as the most desirable location in Aberdeenshire