1,200 Acres of Woodland

The forestry assets of the Leys Estate Group can be split in to two distinct types, commercial forestry (800 acres) and amenity woodland (circa 600 acres). The sporting, recreational and agricultural activities of the estate overlay both of these types of woodland and influence how both are managed i.e. not all forestry policies, decisions and activity are purely forestry driven.

The forestry resource is managed within a 20 year Forest Management Plan (FMP) from 2015 to 2035 which has been agreed with Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS). This FMP sets out the values and principles that the Group’s woodland assets are going to be managed over this 20 year period which is sub-divided into distinct 5 year plan periods.

These values and management objectives are guided by Scottish Government Forestry Policy and therefore aim to deliver National Forestry objectives. You can read more about the Scottish Government Forestry Policy here.


  • Management philosophy of continuous cover by way of thinning and natural regeneration as opposed to clear-fell and re-planting
  • Re-structure the age profile of the commercial woodlands from single age to multi-age woods
  • Ensure the most appropriate tree species is cultivated for the prevailing ground and other environmental conditions of each site
  • Manage the woodlands in an environmentally sensitive way to avoid excessive ground damage and to reduce disturbance of habitats, wildlife and watercourses
  • Deer management policy to assist continuous cover philosophy
  • Forestry work carried out to UKWAS standards
  • Effective management of non-commercial/amenity woodlands
  • Offer small woodland leases to local interested parties
  • Where appropriate consider additional diversified uses of commercial and amenity woodland areas and products
  • Facilitate woodland recreation or other activity where appropriate but avoiding sensitive areas
  • Robust Tree Safety and Monitoring Policy

Wood lots

We are currently working with the Scottish Wood Lot Association to make it possible for people in the local area to lease a small plot of woodland on the estate.

Woodlot licences are a great way of involving local families in forest management and tenure.  Tenants can access and utilise their own plot, extracting timber for their own use (firewood) and using the area for recreation with the aim of growing sustainable small-scale forestry.

If you are interested in this please visit the Scottish Wood Lot Association website by clicking the button below.