Residential Property

Properties on Leys Estate

As part of our estate management responsibilities, we let over 80 residential properties on a range of historic and modern tenancies.  We have lets from small cottages to large farmhouses all over the estate, all with tenures to suit the tenant. We offer fair rents and operate efficient and effective property maintenance services.  We are constantly looking to improve services and have embarked on a number of periodic surveys of our properties whereby work is prioritised and actioned.

Currently there are 51 Short Assured Tenancies, 13 houses leased within farm leases, five new Private Residential Tenancies, four Service Occupancies, four Regulated Tenancies, one Assured Tenancy and four houses occupied by family members.



  • Continue to maintain and improve residential property portfolio where appropriate
  • Maintain rents within local rental value bands
  • Operate efficient and effective property maintenance using direct employment or appropriate local contractors at best value
  • Operate a robust and accurate property asset database and regulatory compliance
  • Regular periodic condition survey of all properties to be recorded and works identified, prioritised and actioned
  • Compliance with EPC legislation and prioritise actions to improve or re-assess each property
  • Implement improvements where appropriate to deliver energy efficiency and compliance with the Scottish Governments policies and legislation
  • Provide affordable housing where appropriate to support the local community