Opening Date Confirmed For Banchory Sports Village

An opening date has been confirmed for the new Banchory Sports Village.

Under a phased programme, the £8.5 million facility fast taking shape at Hill of Banchory will be fully available to the public on Tuesday, 20th August.

Doors will open to groups on 16th August, with the start of the regular “pay for a swim” timetable starting on the 20th.

Aberdeenshire Council and Live Life Aberdeenshire anticipate there will be a formal opening later in the year.

The project is funded by Aberdeenshire Council with support from the Banchory Sports Village Trust, who raised £700,000 for the project through extensive community fundraising, and North Banchory Company, part of the Leys Estate Group, which has supported the project through leasing development land worth more than £800,000 for no charge. Heating for the centre’s pool will also be provided by the company’s renewable energy biomass heat network, also situated at Hill of Banchory.

Chair of the council’s sports and culture sub-committee David Cook said: “This is a big milestone for Banchory, the area, and for Live Life Aberdeenshire.

“This facility reflects our wider commitment to providing state-of-the-art sporting facilities in partnership with the community, delivering something which we can all be proud of.”

Keith Mair, Banchory Sports Village trustees chairman, said: “An enormous amount of community effort went into raising the funds necessary to bring this project to Banchory, starting almost 30 years ago, so it is very exciting to see it now so close to completion.”

CEO of North Banchory Company David Smart added: “We are extremely proud to have played a key role in this community project over the past 12 years.

“To see the Banchory Sports Village in the final stages of its development is something the partnership has worked tirelessly to achieve.”

Local Councillor Ann Ross said: “The community has waited for over 30 years for this facility and raised over £700,000 towards it. “Without their effort and the determination of the three former councillors it wouldn’t have happened.

“I’m sure we will all enjoy using the facilities.”