Education and Community

“To inform and engage with our community and form partnerships where appropriate for community involvement and to educate future generations about heritage, land, community and the environment.”

The very ethos of rural estates can be considered to be under threat from various quarters, but many times this is driven by a misconception of what rural estates like Leys Estate can deliver to communities.

We are committed to encouraging a two-way flow of information and education, ensuring the community knows what we do, but also ensuring we can build an understanding of what they want from us.

We need to ensure that the ‘story of Leys Estate’ is told and is also better understood.

We will align with Scottish Land Commissions’ Land Rights and Responsibilities Protocols to improve the transparency, accountability and governance of our land.

Banchory Primary School Visit to Hill of Banchory Energy Centre as part to Sustainability Project

Key Objectives

  • Create stronger educational links.
  • Create stronger links and mutual understanding with community groups.
  • Embrace all forms of media.
  • Be an open and transparent business.