Tourism, Leisure and Heritage

Burnett Family Celebrations

“Preserving Leys Estate Group’s historical, social, cultural and built heritage and working in partnership with other stakeholders to enhance Leys Estate, Banchory and Deeside as a tourism and leisure destination.”

We are committed to educating our teams, our neighbours and our community about Leys Estate and its heritage assets.

Tourism and Leisure

Attracting local and national tourists has become as important as foreign tourists as has the health and wellbeing agenda with the demand for Green Tourism and a connection to nature.

The Milton Events Field has organically grown to become a key community asset, hosting a wide range of local community events attracting both local residents and those from further afield.


Leys Estate Group has a considerable cultural, social and built heritage which has endured for 700 years. Creating and maintaining an archive ensures there is a vital record of the heritage and identity of the estate.

Key Objectives

  • Ensure continuity and succession of links with House of Burnett and Burnett Society.
  • Protect and enhance the archive and land, property and artifacts of heritage value.
  • Develop a Leys Estate Group Tourism and Leisure Strategy aligned with National and Regional Strategies.