Working with the agricultural sector on Leys Estate

“Progressive transition from the traditional Landlord/Tenant model to contract farming and delivery of sustainable and productive farming techniques aligning with our biodiversity, net zero and natural capital goals.”

On Leys Estate we are progressing a fundamental shift in agricultural policy across the estate, from the traditional Landlord-Tenant model to Contract Farming, embracing joint ventures and collaborative working.

Climate change is probably the biggest global challenge for everyone at the moment, and agriculture is seen as both part of the problem and part of the solution.

There is a raft of new agricultural policy and legislation on the horizon, along with significant technological advances and changes in public expectations.

The challenge is to feed the nation with a lighter environmental footprint whilst reducing the reliance on the existing support system which will be phased out.

We will work collaboratively to find a pathway to work towards reducing the use of chemicals and fertilisers on the estate’s farmland, using livestock to improve the soil characteristics and reduce reliance on production subsidies.

Key Objectives

  • Target over 50% farmland area in Contract Farming Agreements with innovative farmers by 2030.
  • Improve the soil characteristics, biodiversity and conservation status of estate farms.
  • Achieve profitability in new contract/in-contract farming ventures whilst delivering environmental benefits.
  • Implement Farm Management Plans for all holdings.
  • Embrace digital agri-technology.